Who We Are

NFC’s experts collectively have more than 100 years of experience conducting international and domestic Due Diligence investigations.

NFC’s owners and executives have both law enforcement and regulatory experience in the gaming, financial services, and banking industries. Therefore, they understand the importance of a comprehensive and thorough Due Diligence process. These executives have spoken throughout the world on topics that include gaming licensing, regulatory investigations, AML, FCPA, BSA, and Compliance.

Our intelligence analysts are experienced researchers trained to identify and describe anomalies in information to help our clients truly know the people and companies with whom they are considering a business relationship. Data can be meaningless without analysis and context. We can help identify anomalies and potential red flags and put those outliers in context. Our job does not end after you receive your report. We are a full-service, client-first firm that takes the time to answer your questions before, during, and after the research process.