What We Do

NFC analysts comb through a multitude of public-record databases, local intelligence sources, court records, regulatory checks, watch lists, and sanctions lists and perform wide-ranging media sweeps. We have access to the best information available ... but we provide much more than raw data.

We use our years of analytical experience to look beyond the surface of the data and delve further into potential red flags. NFC’s research philosophy, at its core, is to utilize diverse sets of tools and as many resources as possible in order to obtain the most comprehensive information available. Once identified, we explain the circumstances so our clients have the proper perspective before making critical decisions.

Our ability to provide impartial and independent third-party analysis is what helps our clients meet regulatory requirements while navigating their risk.


Open Source Intelligence

Through our extensive collection of databases and data aggregators, NFC can assist our domestic and international clients with locating corporate details, available criminal information, adverse media, litigation records, and more. In addition, we can screen a variety of watch lists and sanctions. This includes the BIS DPL list, OFAC, and various other watch lists. International and state-specific lists are included. Our primary resources for sanctions and watch list research include a multitude of worldwide public records, including information from international courts, law enforcement agencies, international media, watchdog groups and sanction, and embargo lists.

Human Intelligence

Through our international network of investigators, NFC can assist our clients with Human Intelligence (HUMINT) needs. This includes a variety of components, such as discreet source inquiries, reputation inquiries, and site visits. This allows our clients an additional level of confidence when engaging with potential international partners. Our local investigators can consult with industry insiders, trade organizations, and various other individuals who may have knowledge of the reputation and potential political/government connections for the subject of interest.

Site Visits

In addition, NFC can assist our clients with conducting international site visits, which may provide more robust information about a business or individual. Verification that the address actually exists and is not merely a fabricated location or mail drop adds an extra level of scrutiny to investigations that include this component. Photographs, when law permits, will be included along with a detailed description of the address, neighborhood, and surroundings.

Asset/Source of Wealth Research

Research seeking sources of wealth information, particularly internationally can be challenging; however, NFC utilizes a variety of methods including database research, in-country human intelligence sources, local language media sweeps, and industry sources to attempt to ascertain this information. In addition, NFC can assist our clients in locating Real Property, Motor Vehicles, Vessels, and Aircraft records that may be tied to an individual or company. Should the level of risk warrant a higher tier of research, NFC has the capability to conduct detailed net worth and source of wealth analysis utilizing a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in conjunction with our sister company, Spectrum Gaming Group.

Social Media Due Diligence

In the digital age, Due Diligence must move forward to cover new areas where risk exists, including social media footprints. NFC’s social media Due Diligence research identifies the presence of the subject on significant social media platforms and will evaluate the subject’s profiles and presence, seeking information about their views and identifying associations and content that could be impactful to the client. This report can stand alone or be a component that is added to one of our other Due Diligence reports.