Executive Background Investigations

Our Executive Level Due Diligence reports provide detailed analysis and intelligence.

This empowers you to make the best possible hiring decisions or decisions about new board members. Your highest-level candidates require the highest level of Due Diligence review. We can custom tailor a package to meet your budgetary needs, or you can choose our standard Executive Due Diligence package.

This package typically includes research of the subject’s:

  • Personal identifiers
  • Education verification
  • Professional license verification
  • Informative and adverse media research
  • Legal filings research
  • Asset research
  • Criminal records search (if publicly available)
  • Regulatory and sanctions research
  • Business/employment history

These reports are a “deep dive report” and are among best practices when companies seek to hire or promote senior managers or need to evaluate a new board member.

Our Executive Level Due Diligence investigations have uncovered misinformation provided by potential employees within their resumes to include falsified or exaggerated education, misstatement of positions held at various previous employers, complaints filed against various professional licenses, and adverse social media postings containing racist views. Had the client proceeded with hiring these applicants without conducting proper executive level Due Diligence, they may have had public relations issues and suffered damage to their business reputation. By utilizing NFC and thoroughly vetting senior executives, our clients are protecting their reputations in a way that is cost-effective and meets industry standards.