The NFC Difference

NFC prides itself on our analytical approach to Due Diligence.

While many companies offer one size fits all “data dumps” of information, all of our research is performed by trained research analysts who comb through a multitude of public-record databases, local intelligence sources, court records, regulatory checks, watch lists, and sanctions lists and perform wide-ranging media sweeps. We have access to the best information available, but we provide much more than raw data. We use our years of analytical experience to look beyond the surface of the data and delve further into potential red flags. Once identified, we explain the circumstances so our clients have the proper information to make informed decisions.

NFC is able to custom tailor a Due Diligence package to meet your needs and stay within your budget. We offer a variety of standard packages, but they can be modified to include or exclude specific components for your Due Diligence investigation.

NFC sets itself apart from other Due Diligence companies by continually approaching Due Diligence investigations from a regulatory perspective. We have provided Due Diligence research utilized in reports to various governments, Ministries of Finance, and public agencies around the world.

With NFC’s well-established network of skilled, on-the-ground intelligence sources, NFC has the ability and resources to conduct Due Diligence investigations in all regions of the world, including emerging markets where conducting proper Due Diligence is critical.

NFC will provide our final report on an agreed-upon due date and can provide our Due Diligence on an expedited basis if required.

Once your case is assigned to an NFC Global Intelligence Analyst, you can track the status of your case and even communicate with the analyst by sending and receiving secure, encrypted messages, all with just an Internet browser.  You may also contact us via phone or email if you have any questions.

Our Secure Document Retrieval and Communication System

NFC provides the client with a secure web-based case management tool, NFC Online, as part of its service, which allows 24/7 access to request new Due Diligence investigations, check on the status of any investigation in progress, review reports from completed requests, and securely transmit communications and sensitive documents. This system notifies the client when their report is ready to be picked up electronically. To assist with compliance, NFC Online also provides an archive of the client’s completed reports for an audit trail with search capabilities. The system is easy to use and provides a secure way to transmit confidential documents, which is a cornerstone of any Due Diligence process.