Citizenship by Investment Due Diligence

NFC’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Due Diligence reports are conducted throughout the world on both applicants and their immediate family members, based on a thorough review and analysis of provided documentation.

NFC’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Due Diligence reports provide worldwide intelligence to Economic Citizenship Programs, which provide individuals the privilege of acquiring alternative citizenship and passport through investment opportunities in the host country.

Proper Due Diligence in these situations is of the utmost importance, as a second passport may be very attractive to someone who has a nefarious background and intends to use the secondary passport to travel freely around the world. Our research analysts are trained to comprehensively review and scrutinize the applicants’ provided documentation to look for any anomalies or red flags while conducting our Due Diligence review. These investigations often span several countries and may include one or more family members. Our analysts are well trained in identifying anomalies and seeking sources of wealth information. We are a trusted provider of reliable Due Diligence and intelligence that our CBI clients use to make confident decisions regarding the candidates applying for citizenship by investment. This dependable information helps protect the Citizenship by Investment program from potential reputational harm.