Casino, Online & Sports Betting

NFC provides public records research used by regulatory authorities to determine the integrity and suitability of casino and sports wagering applicants around the world.

In conjunction with our sister company, Spectrum Gaming Group, NFC Global has conducted public records research for complex and sensitive licensing investigations that have withstood scrutiny and engendered public confidence.

In addition to our public records research utilized by regulators, we also have provided Due Diligence investigations to hotels and casinos as well as tribal governments as they weigh decisions about business partners, vendors, suppliers, and potential owners that they would like to engage. As the industry faces increasing scrutiny by FinCen and others, Due Diligence is more important than ever.

Our sister Company, Spectrum Gaming Group, is a non-partisan consultancy that specializes in the economics, regulation, and policy of legalized gambling worldwide. They have conducted work in this industry in over 40 US states and territories and 48 countries on six continents. By employing renowned experts in every facet of the gaming industry, Spectrum and NFC are uniquely poised to assist governments, lotteries, and casino regulatory authorities in the vetting of casino operators, vendors, and joint venture partners. Our intelligence analysts have been trained in public records research to identify issues that would be relevant to a gaming regulator and are able to convert that raw data into useful information our clients can use to make a timely business decision. Furthermore, we can assist private operators in the vetting of partners, vendors, suppliers, and key employees as they navigate their own risks in an ever-changing industry.