Litigation Support

NFC Global has successfully assisted our law firm clients in gathering information on both a domestic and international level.

This can include tasks such as asset research to locate Real Property, Motor Vehicles, Vessels, and Aircraft records that may be tied to an individual or company. We can also identify potential liabilities, such as litigation, bankruptcy filings, tax liens, or large judgments.

In addition, NFC’s team of analysts are skilled in conducting extensive media sweeps, utilizing our various databases to access thousands of electronic and print media sources, which include media information from local, national, and international newspapers, internet sites, wire services, magazines, trade journals, and broadcast transcripts from major television and radio networks.

Particularly in regulated industries, such as Gaming or Cannabis, we can assist our law firm clients in assessing the information that is already a matter of public record about their clients/potential clients and identify challenges they may face in a regulatory environment prior to the application for a license.

Intelligence and Analysis is our business. Whatever the unique situation requires, NFC can help.