Simplifying Due Diligence

International Due Diligence

Business is Global…
The explosion of global commerce has more companies than ever doing business around the world and due diligence becomes mandatory when competing in the international marketplace.  These investigations can be complex and time sensitive.  An international due diligence background requires an understanding of various privacy laws and regulations, the location and availability of information, and the ability to gain access to that information in countries all over the world.

NFC is Global too…
For over 35 years, NFC Worldwide Solutions has been a leading provider of worldwide due diligence and compliance services to everyone from top tier financial services providers and fortune 500 companies to small and medium size businesses.  We have spent years researching the availability of information, developing reliable sources around the world and have performed our services in well over 150 countries.  NFC Worldwide Solutions is a domain expert in International and U.S. due diligence services, which is the cornerstone of our business.

Technology. Talent. Experience…

NFC uses advanced technology to gather and provide the best research available and deliver it to you securely.  We employ high speed data networks to access the best, highest quality information available throughout the world.  Our online case management system allows you to submit orders, check status and retrieve reports, quickly and securely, 24 hours a day. You can also search and retrieve your past cases at any time.  It’s all part of our service offered at no additional cost.

The NFC management team consists of former law enforcement professionals with a combined 100 years of investigative experience, both domestically and internationally.  Our highly trained and skilled research staff has the vast understanding of international data that only a company with 30+ years of experience can bring.  We have the talent to develop and understand the facts, and the experience and knowledge to turn data into information you can use.

Simplifying Due Diligence…

By combining the technology of high speed, online database access with a vast network of vetted, in-country experts, NFC uses its global reach to gather data from around the world.  Our experienced research team gathers and analyzes the data, bringing it together in a report that is clear, concise and easy to understand.  NFC provides you with the information you need, from virtually anywhere in the world, all from a single source.  It’s due diligence…simplified.


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International Due Diligence   International Due Diligence